Grandpa's Great Escape — Lola
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Grandpa’s Great Escape


Writers - David Walliams, Kevin Cecil
Director - Elliot Hegarty
Producer - Charlie Leech
Executive Producer - Jo Sargent
Broadcaster - BBC One


July 29, 2019

TV Drama
About This Project

Shown on BBC1 on New Years’ Day, this heart-warming adaptation of David Walliams’ book is the story of a WWII flying ace sadly suffering from Alzheimers’ disease.  When Grandpa (Tom Courtney) takes to the skies with his grandson (Kit Connor) aboard a Spitfire “borrowed” from the Imperial War Museum, Lola’s 3D team were called in to supply the visuals.  The pair embark on some daring aerobatics before the fun stops when they are intercepted by a couple of Harrier Jump Jets – and nearly shot out of the sky!

The whole sequence was created in CGI – including digital doubles of the two protagonists, all of the environments – fields, sky and clouds –  and the Spitfire and Harriers themselves.  This was intercut with green-screen shots of Courtney and Connor composited into the Spitfire cockpit against our CG background terrain and sky.

Grandpa’s Great Escape can now be watched on the BBC iPlayer.