Little Women — Lola
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Little Women


Producer - Susie Liggat
Director - Vanessa Caswill
VFX Supervisor - Simon Frame
VFX Supervisor - Rob Harvey


July 31, 2019

TV Drama
About This Project


Lola created almost 100 shots for this beautiful flagship Christmas show for BBC1.

Rob Harvey was sent to County Wicklow in Ireland to supervise the recreation of Civil War era Concord, Massachusetts. Most of the work involved set extensions, weather effects and adding CG buildings and landscapes. The most complicated of these was Concord Square itself, a wide-open space shot on a back-lot at Bray Studios just outside Dublin. The recreations had to be historically accurate, so Lola’s team used maps, archive photographs and paintings as a basis for the CG architecture and Digital Matte Paintings. Another scene was set on a Swiss lakeside balcony and built entirely from plates shot in Ireland, Switzerland and Italy.

In addition to the digital set extensions, some of the grand houses were created entirely from scratch in CG and tracked and blended into the scenes by Lola’s Nuke team led by Joe Cork.

Little Women first aired on the 26th December 2017.

The three part mini series can now be watched on the BBC iPlayer.