Lola - Award Winning VFX for Film and TV
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Welcome to Lola Post Production

Established by acclaimed VFX Supervisor Rob Harvey in 2000, Lola Post Production is one of the most respected and reliable independent VFX studios in London. We create high end award-winning visuals for film and television.


At our Soho studio, we collaborate on all stages of CG production, from initial conceptual artwork, storyboarding, pre-visualisation, shoot supervision, 3D, 2D and stereoscopic, through to final delivery. We’re with you every step of the way.


Dinosaurs: The Final Day with David Attenborough

Broadcast Tech Awards Winner: BEST USE OF REAL-TIME VFX

Lola have spent the last year working hard to deliver over 20’ of animation and visual effects for “Dinosaurs: The Final Day with David Attenborough” a 90-minute landmark documentary from BBC Studios.

For years, the disappearance of the dinosaurs has been questioned by researchers and scientists worldwide, but by combining new evidence, the latest science and Lola’s incredible CGI, this event can finally be accurately depicted.

“BBC Studios Science Unit has brilliantly combined cutting-edge CGI with the very latest science to depict, in meticulous detail, what happened on the day of the asteroid strike. I’ve longed to know exactly how the dinosaurs died ever since I was a little boy. Now, finally, I can see it.”

— Jack Bootle Head of Commissioning, Science and Natural History

Lola’s Stellar work on BBC’S Universe


British Academy Television Craft Awards 2022 Nomination: SPECIAL, VISUAL & GRAPHIC EFFECTS

Lola Post deliver more outstanding VFX for BBC2’s flagship show “Universe” presented by Brian Cox. This series explores the cosmic wonders that created the universe around us.


Lola spent the best part of 18 months creating over 2hrs worth of VFX content across five episodes helping to visualise some of the epic moments that defined the universe we know today.

“Using stunning CGI imagery, the latest scientific research, and archival footage captured during scientific missions, the series immerses viewers in the expansive and dramatic story of the universe.”

– BBC Media Centre


Catch the series on BBC IPlayer:

Britannia Season 3


The Production of Britannia Season 3 was an uphill battle against the Covid-19 Pandemic. Despite being shut down just ten days into filming, Britannia 3 faced every new hurdle and came out on top!


Lola, working under an intense schedule to make up for the lost time, raced to deliver over 350 shots including full CGI builds of Rome, Verulamium, and Alus’ Villa in just 5 months.

“Britannia offers up a satisfying third season, which brings a lot of plot twists and some massive moments.”

– Ian Cullen, SciFiPulse


Britannia Season 3 premiered on 24th August on Sky Atlantic

Lola are delighted to have their work featured in The British Film Commission showreel for 2021