Lola - Award Winning VFX for Film and TV
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Welcome to Lola Post Production

Established by acclaimed VFX Supervisor Rob Harvey in 2000, Lola Post Production is one of the most respected and reliable independent VFX studios in London. We create high end award-winning visuals for film and television.


At our Soho studio, we collaborate on all stages of CG production, from initial conceptual artwork, storyboarding, pre-visualisation, shoot supervision, 3D, 2D and stereoscopic, through to final delivery. We’re with you every step of the way.


Lola creates state-of-the-art VFX for National Geographic

Lola’s Creative Director Rob Harvey supervised the design of over 100 shots and assets for National Geographic’s Mars: One Day On The Red Planet, resulting in over 30 minutes of VFX in a 90 minute film. As sole vendor, Lola worked with the filmmakers on storyboards and previz, using NASA data and models to build sweeping panoramas of the Red Planet and historical and future spacecraft. Striking a balance between both scientific accuracy and creative vision was immensely challenging, and executed brilliantly by the talent on our studio floor. It premiered in the US on 5 January 2020.

Praise for BBC Two’s ‘THE PLANETS’

Lola was the principle vendor on this ambitious factual series all about our galaxy. Since its release, Planets has received several award nominations and rave reviews:


Awe-inducing, jaw-dropping… The masterful CGI special effects ensure that the visuals match up to the astounding tale that Cox has to tell. ★★★★★ Mail on Sunday: Event


The solar system has been explored by the Beeb before, of course, but never in this level of high-def detail. So where do space documentaries go from here? Radio Times: Pick of the Day


This series has seen the physicist tone down the awe and amp up the science. The result is more, well, awe-inspiring. The Times


Spectacular graphics Sunday Times: Critic’s Choice for Culture | Professor Brian Cox continues to boggle our minds Daily Mail | Highlights of the Week Observer | Pick of the Day The Sunday Telegraph | ★★★★★ TV Times | ★★★★Daily Mail: Weekend


Catch up with all episodes of ‘THE PLANETS’ on BBC iPlayer