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Head of CG



The Head of CG is a pivotal part of Lola’s leadership team. They report to the Creative Director and Managing Director and are ultimately responsible for the delivery of award winning CG by Lola. This is a leadership role and the HOCG ensures all members of the CG team are performing to their full potential. The HOCG champions the departments creative output, inputs new ideas and techniques, and ensures the department works cohesively with the rest of the company. The HOCG is mindful of the requirement to limit costs and plays an important part in delivering a quality product that is profitable.


About us

Established in 2000, Lola Post Production has become one of the most respected and reliable boutique CG facilities in London. We create high end, award winning VFX for Film & TV. Our talented team can support all stages of production from initial conceptual artwork, pre- visualisation, shoot supervision, post visualization, CG, 2D, DMP through to final delivery.


Primary Management Responsibilities



Line manager and mentor for all members of the CG department.

Continually monitor the output of both senior and junior talent to ensure it meets

appropriate high standards – and take remedial steps if it does not. Put in place training

for junior staff and guide more senior staff’s professional development. Assist

management with hiring of new talent and appraisals of staff and keep track of the

freelance staff’s capabilities and suitability for tasks.



The HOCG attends client meetings to offer advice to existing and prospective clients. They

help in pitches and utilise their experience to assist producers in the creation of estimates.

Once projects are confirmed plan workflows and assign tasks to colleagues.


Technical Management

The HOCG works closely with the CTO and others to plan technical development

and expansion. Devise workflows and systems designed to improve efficiency, speed

and quality.  Assist in the design and implementation of cross discipline technical



Responsibility for the departments software, licensing, machines, render and storage needs

throughout the year. Liaising with engineering, pipeline, management, supervisors and producers

across the facility, to ensure smooth running of all projects.


Acts as a line manager for pipeline, library system, artist tools and any other department

related technological developments. Liaising with the other HOD’s on the matters with a wider



Delegating and managing tasks which extend beyond the HOCG’s personal skill set or time



Creative vision

The HOCG keeps a watching eye on the world of CG. They keep abreast of new techniques,

new technology and new creative solutions and they encourage colleagues to be similarly

outward looking. They ensure their own and others knowledge is used to keep the CG

department’s output cutting edge, ‘fresh’ and contemporary.





Oversee all aspects of department staff recruitment. Liaising with other members of

management, HR and other HOD’s where relevant.


CG Meetings

Holds regular meetings at least once a month to maintain the smooth running of the

department. Keeping staff members up to date on present and future events, and giving

instruction on any changes to working practices. Also holding brief bi-weekly meetings with

any subsets of the department (currently FX department and the Library).



Responsible for working with schedulers and production to maintain the schedule weekly, and

ensure the smooth running of all projects.


Commercial factors

The HOCG is kept informed of the department’s financial performance. When working with

colleagues on quoting and scheduling they are mindful to limit excessive outside costs. Their

input ensures the department’s output is both creatively and commercially successful.


Required Skills / Technical Competencies

  • Strong working knowledge of Linux, Python and shell scripting would be useful but not essential.
  • Strong awareness of deadlines.
  • Ability to work at a high level in one or more and be competent in the following disciplines at any given moment: Modeling organic or hard surface, Surfacing, Rigging, Scripting, Look development, Matchmove, Lighting, Layout, CG compositing, 2.5D/Matte painting, Animation and FX.
  • Ability to demonstrate superb problem solving skills.
  • Demonstrates the ability to prioritise tasks managing time very well, providing everyone with accurate time estimates on shot task completion.
  • Demonstrates the ability to help and teach more junior level artists and lead others on huge

shots or small sequences.

  • Needs to set a standard for all the team in continually raising the bar for speed, quality of work and
  • Possess a strong working knowledge within the following software: Shotgrid, Maya, Houdini and Nuke.
  • Possess a clear understanding on how a VFX pipeline works from start to finish.
  • Strong Supervision skills in house and on set.
  • Have a thorough understanding of onset workflows from data acquisition through to show supervision.
  • Experience interfacing with and presenting to clients.


Education / Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Graphics (or equivalent experience) with at east 5+ years hands-on production experience.
  • Significant post production experience including experience working as a CG Supervisor.



Please send your application and salary expectation to: recruitment@lola-post.com


All applicants must have full working rights for the UK at the time of application and hold an appropriate visa or settlement letter where applicable.

Hybrid working at our London studio