The Lola Limelight - Lizzie Hill — Lola
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The Lola Limelight – Lizzie Hill



Where are you from? The sunny South Coast (originally)

How long have you worked at Lola? I’m a Lola newbie, having joined right at the beginning of this year. 2 months and counting…

What’s the best part of your job? There is never a dull day – no two jobs are ever the same, they all offer their own unique, unpredictable challenges. You will get thrown curve balls even the most thorough planning could not have helped you avoid, but the key is being ready for them. When you are on top of your budgets, schedule and scope of work, you have what you need to negotiate the unexpected and these are the challenges which keep you on your toes!

What is your biggest career highlight? Being seconded by my former employer, to the states for 3 months to work out of offices of our largest client. Representing my company and managing a multi-faceted project from client side. It was an amazing career opportunity.

Advice to anyone starting out in the industry? Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if you are worried about looking silly. Our job as producers is about interrogating situations and NEVER assuming!

What does a typical day at work in the studio look like for you? I am still fairly new and settling in, but the first thing I would say is that no day is typical in producing. But, every day starts with stopping in to grab a coffee from the place down the road, I am a creature of habit. I will usually have already caught up on any new emails on my train journey in (unless the train nap is particularly tempting that day), so once I have checked in with various people, my first task of the day will be anything I need to action from this and following up on general statuses. From there, it will be a mix of standing meetings scattered through the day for dailies / internal / client, along with other ad-hoc catch ups, bidding and anything else that arises…

What are you learning at the moment? I have taken a bit of a side-step, from the Advertising world, into Episodic VFX. The methodologies are all the same, but working in longform does have it’s differences. I’ve been producing a long time now and was comfortable. I am loving the change!

What’s your most prized possession on your desk? My “Keep Cup” from 10 Speed Coffee in Santa Monica. I don’t come to work without it.

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