AD: The Bible Continues — Lola
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AD: The Bible Continues


Production Company – LightWorkers Media, UAMG
Distributor - NBC


July 10, 2019

TV Drama
About This Project


Lola were the sole VFX vendors on AD The Bible Continues an epic 12 part series for NBC. The series comes from the same producers of The Bible, The Emmy award winning epic for The History Channel and picks up where the story left off (Lola also completed all the VFX for The Bible).  Lola were invited to be part of the process from the very outset and worked closely with the Execs and Directors on concept for some of the more challenging sequences; the Ascension, the other worldliness of the angels and crucially how to visualise the miracles.

The Lola team expanded to manage over 800 VFX shots across the series on a very tight schedule.  The shows were locked into transmission dates and the shooting continued through the majority of post.  We provided on set-supervision throughout with two supervisors working in rotation across the shooting Blocks.

Lola spent many weeks building a full CG environment of Jerusalem including digital terrain, the city itself and populated it with digital people (using Goelem). We worked in collaboration with the Production Designer to ensure every detail matched the set and to make sure that the geography of the city made sense with the practical set.  Lola also used Houdini generated elements and completed many green screen shots, set extensions and clean ups.