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Avenue 5


January 19, 2020

TV Drama
About This Project


Aired on HBO on January 19th 2020.

“Here, Iannucci switches his critique from politics to corporate culture, and the result is just as scathing and hilarious as his previous show. ”                          The Spool

“The new HBO comedy…introduces a future that seems wickedly and comically plausible and at the same time completely outrageous.”                                CNET

From creator/writer Armando Iannucci (Veep, The Thick of It, Death of Stalin) comes Avenue 5, a space comedy starring Hugh Laurie and Josh Gad as crew aboard a luxury cruise ship… in space! What possibly could go wrong?

Lola were involved very early in the production, working closely with the Production Designer Simon Bowles to build the massive Avenue 5 Cruiser. This was a complex build, having to accommodate new interior areas of the ship as the scripts evolved, and developing the overall look and texture of the ship itself.

The team led by VFX Supervisor Ross Wilkinson were also tasked with creating several exterior sequences, including the iconic ship establishing shots, a spacewalk (that goes horribly wrong) and some comical attempts to eject coffins from a CG interior airlock into the void. The astronaut was a combination of studio plates of an actor in costume in costume and a full CG character.


Ross Wilkinson
Reece Weldon
Alex Marlow
Conner Kitto



Richard Reed
Sam Reed
Petko Zhivkov
Valentina Bartiromo
Mihai Stan
Chris Glew