Fortitude — Lola
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Production Company – Fifty Fathoms / Tiger Aspect
Creator and Writer – Simon Donald
Series Directors - Hettie Macdonald / Sam Miller / Nick Hurran / Richard Laxton
Distributor – Sky Atlantic


July 08, 2019

TV Drama
About This Project


Lola were invited by production company Tiger Aspect to design and produce the VFX for the finale of this epic Sky Atlantic series. A particularly horrific scene set in a hospital room, reveals parasitical wasps hatching and emerging from the body of a dying woman. Our heroes attempt to destroy them before they infect the population results in a massive explosion. In another scene Lola created an ice cave filled with the mummified remains of a herd of mammoths.

Taking existing rough storyboards and the script, we produced detailed shooting boards for the sequences, planned around the locations. We also enlisted the help of the Prop Shop to provide Lidar scans of the set and body and face scans of the two principal actors. This ensured the wasps tracked accurately to the surface of the actors’ skin or any objects and furniture in the room.

We produced more than 100 shots across the final two episodes that involved creature animation, blood effects, digital matte paintings, and compositing actors and pyrotechnics to create a memorable end to Season 1.