Not Moses — Lola
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Not Moses


Written and directed by Gary Sinyor


July 06, 2019

TV Drama
About This Project


The man, the legend, the saviour – this is the incredible true story of the abandoned baby who became absolutely none of these things. From the River Nile to the courts of the Pharaoh and out into the desert of Sinai, NotMoses reveals the woefully unheroic journey of one man who was so very nearly Moses and who so very nearly led the exodus but his Dad wouldn’t let him.


Writer and director Gary Sinyor first approached Lola with a film script several months ago. We loved it so much we were keen to be involved when it re-appeared as a West End stage play. Lola’s Rob Harvey and Tim Zaccheo worked with costume and set designer Carla Goodman and projectionist Mogzi to create the play’s backdrops – including the Pharoah’s Palace, the banks of the Nile, the desert wilderness and the Red Sea. This is the first time Lola has been involved with a stage production.


NotMoses makes its world premiere at the Arts Theatre from 10 March. This gleefully irreverent new comedy runs for a strictly limited 10-week season.


“…It features stunning video designs throughout from Lola Post Production, with projections that deliver an amazing sense of scale. Particularly impressive are the moving backdrops where hordes of slaves are hacking away on the mighty pyramids. And the plague of frogs sent by God to punish the Egyptians rain down in magnificent profusion.”

WhatsOnStage March 2016


“I must admit that the projections are very fine – Egyptian scenes, distant labouring slaves, the Nile, the Red Sea. Trouble was taken.”

theatreCat March 2016


“…the numerous video backdrops are impressive”

Financial Times March 2016


“Credit is also due to Lola Post Production for their innovative work on CGI projections that completely cover the reflective, papyrus-like surface of the backdrop and panels at the wings. The effect is to utterly transform the set according to the scene, vividly conjuring a partially-built pyramid or a parted Red Sea as required by the story.”

The Upcoming March 2016


“Carla Goodman’s simple design is enhanced by some stand out projections from Lola Post Production – together they keep scenes moving effortlessly and quickly, allowing a fast pace to the piece.”

Theatre & Performance March 2016


“…the production is a visual treat with projections of the pyramids and Dead Sea that give a sense of epic scale”

Ealing Times March 2016