Richard Hammond's Journey To... — Lola
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Richard Hammond’s Journey To…

Design & Concept
About This Project

Lola were commissioned by BBC Scotland to design a huge virtual studio to house a huge CG model of planet Earth that could be stripped backed to reveal its inner workings.

Artist John Kennedy and Lola’s Rob Harvey worked up a series of paintings and storyboards to test the concept before we went into production. We produced a believable, controlled scenario – a massive globe was ‘built ‘ in a airship hanger and the we used the open doors to light the model with the sun. When the doors closed and we were plunged into darkness the earth became ‘hollow’ and the core would light the space.

The series also featured a number of location-based CG set pieces including a scene where we lifted Whitehall above Trafalgar Square and another in which we drained the English Channel.