The Lola Limelight - Daniel Miller — Lola
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The Lola Limelight – Daniel Miller


Where are you from?


How long have you worked at Lola?  

Seems like forever, but I think about a year.

How did you get into VFX? 

The scenic route.

What’s the best part of your job?  

Coming up with clever plans to pull off crazy shots

Biggest career highlights?

Quite a few, but one fun one was seeing Idris Elba propose to his fiancée at the cast and crew screening of his movie. I really enjoyed working on Garrone’s Italian (darker than Disney) version of Pinocchio as it was so weird, fun and true to the original.

Advice to anyone starting out in the industry?   

Don’t wait for permission, get making something. If you do something wonky and wrong, you can show industry professionals and get feedback – then listen without ego and improve it. If you just daydream, your vision will always remain pristine but you will just be making tea forever. Also don’t be a dick – it’s a small industry and word gets around.

What does a typical day at work in the studio look like for you?  

I still try to do as much time on the box, but a big part of my work is also reviewing artists work, improving workflows and helping producers with bids. Still love me a big juicy comp shot and make sure I always have at least one.

Advice to any client?

! Know what you want! The clearer, more focused your vision the more of the budget will make it into the final image on the screen – this is how smaller productions can punch above their weight since blockbusters often throw so much work away in the process. We have a great team here who can help you come up with a plan and really nail down your story goals before we get into the nitty gritty.

What are you learning at the moment?

I am working more on-set so it’s a change of pace, I originally started as an indie-filmmaker before settling in VFX so that helps (and my first IMDB credit is as a spark on an obscure indie film you have not seen)

What’s your most prized possession on your desk at work?

In the office, it’s Katie the cactus, at my home office desk it’s a small hand mosiac crafted box from Iran which I keep memory cards and dice in.

Favourite spot in Soho?

Berwick St Market and then the “Jurassic Church” (St Anne’s) garden on a sunny day.

Life outside of work?

A wife, 2 kids and my cat Astrophe is pretty much most of my time. I read a fair bit and prefer art-house movies to blockbusters.