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12 Dec Troy: Fall of a City

Overview Produced by Wild Mercury in association with Kudos, Troy: Fall Of A City was commissioned by BBC One and is a co-production between the BBC and Netflix. Lola completed almost 400 4K VFX shots on this epic series. Shot on location in South Africa and retelling...

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26 Feb One Strange Rock

Lola created around 35 shots across 4 episodes of this epic series. Commissioned by Nutopia for Nat Geo, One Strange Rock mixes the microscopic with the cosmic.   From the award-winning team of filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (`Black Swan') and producer Jane Root (`America the Story of Us'),...

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12 Dec Little Women

Overview Lola created almost 100 shots for this beautiful flagship Christmas show for BBC1. Rob Harvey was sent to County Wicklow in Ireland to supervise the recreation of Civil War era Concord, Massachusetts. Most of the work involved set extensions, weather effects and adding CG buildings and...

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12 Dec Grandpa’s Great Escape

Shown on BBC1 on New Years’ Day, this heart-warming adaptation of David Walliams’ book is the story of a WWII flying ace sadly suffering from Alzheimers’ disease.  When Grandpa (Tom Courtney) takes to the skies with his grandson (Kit Connor) aboard a Spitfire “borrowed” from...

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06 Sep Britannia

  VFX Supervisor Simon Frame commissioned the team at Lola to create an epic shot depicting hundreds of Roman ships sailing for Britain at the height of a terrible storm for this eagerly awaited Sky Atlantic series. The shot was to establish Roman General Aulus (David Morrissey)...

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