Giri/Haji — Lola
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October 17, 2019

TV Drama
About This Project


Giri/ Haji (Duty/ Shame)

“Effortlessly stylish and promisingly deep” – The Times Pick of the Week

Giri/Haji aired on Thursday 17th October at 9pm on BBC2.

A co-production between the BBC2 and Netflix, Giri/Haji (Duty/Shame) is an ambitious international drama set in both London and Tokyo, following two estranged brothers halfway across the world from one another.

When detective and family man Kenzo’s younger brother goes missing, he must leave Tokyo and head to London to find him — and discover the truth about his brother’s life.

Lola created around 50 shots across the series, and to avoid spoilers we’ll just say these include set extensions, matte paintings and environment work along with general Yakuza carnage and ‘body work’. Some of the VFX shots appeared as continuous takes, some over a minute long.

All episodes of Giri/Haji are available to stream now on BBC iPlayer


Production Company – Sister Pictures

Writer – Joe Barton

Directors – Julian Ferrino and Ben Chessell

Producer – Susie Liggat

Exec Producer – Chris Fry

VFX Supervisor – Richard Reed

VFX Shoot Supervisor – Rob Harvey

CG Supervisor – Ross Wilkinson

VFX Producer- Rebecca Kelly