The Planets — Lola
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The Planets

TV Factual
About This Project


THE PLANETS received two nominations for the 2020 Televisual Bulldog Awards. Our work was recognised in the SPECIALIST FACTUAL and VFX categories.

VFX behind the scenes and interview with Lola’s VFX supervisor Rob Harvey –

“Awe-inducing… jaw-dropping… The masterful CGI special effects ensure that the visuals match up to the astounding tale that Cox has to tell” 5/5 stars Mail on Sunday (Event)

Pick of the Day -“The solar system has been explored by the Beeb before, of course, but never in this level of high-def detail. So where do space documentaries go from here?” Radio Times

“The physicist tone down the awe and amp up the science. The result is more, well, awe-inspiring” The Times

We’re living through an extraordinary time of exploration. A fleet of space probes are continually beaming data from their sensors back to Earth. Hidden in this stream of code are startling new discoveries about the worlds we share with the Sun. In this new series, these remarkable and often surprising findings will be pieced together to tell the greatest science story of them all – the life and times of the Solar System.

What emerges is a dramatic tale chronicling the adventures of eight planetary siblings. Born from violence, they grow up together, in time becoming living and breathing worlds, only to fade away one by one as they age.

As sole vendor, Lola have just completed around two and a half hours of VFX over the five episodes, journeying from the birth of the Sun to the mysterious unseen worlds beyond Pluto. Overall, we provided around 25 minutes of VFX per episode.

Professor Brian Cox will present this landmark BBC series, produced by Gideon Bradshaw and Andrew Cohen.